1. The Treasurer is the only officer of the club.

  2. The Treasurer is elected every year at the annual meeting by a majority vote.

  3. Election of any member to the Treasurer office is limited to 2 consecutive years.

  4. The club is limited to ten members.

  5. No loaded firearms allowed in bunkhouse at any time.

  6. Dues must be paid by June 1st of each year or at the yearly meeting, whichever is later.

  7. A $20.00 late fee will be charged to any member if dues are not received by due date(requires 3 members to vote as necessary).

  8. Dues are $100.00 per year

  9. Initiation fee is $100.00 for each new member

  10. Room and board fees

    .50 per morning

    .50 per evening

    .50 per overnight stay

  11. Room and board fees apply year round.

  12. A prospective member is on probation for the first year before becoming a full member.

  13. Any member of the club can initiate action to expel a fellow member or prospective member.

  14. Expulsion from the club requires a majority vote.

  15. The Treasurer may spend up to $50.00 without membership approval.

  16. All improvements made to club property will remain the property of the club.

  17. If a member leaves or is expelled, dues will be refunded on a pro-rated basis.

  18. All 25 yard markers will be yellow.

  19. No guests will be left unattended.

  20. All Deer remains will be taken to Cemetery Road, near Rick Brooks place.

  21. If you make it dirty, Make it clean and take the trash with you.

  22. Every member is required to make an honest effort to attend work parties.

  23. Rent must be paid by July 1st each year.

  24. All permanent tree stands must be made with treated lumber and galvanized nails or screws.

  25. Each member is allowed to have one name on the waiting list at any time.

  26. Names may not be substituted on the waiting list.

  27. Family members on the waiting list will be given first privilege to join the club.

  28. The FIRST Saturday before opening day of Bow season is Clean-up Day.

  29. Guest Rules

    Only Immediate family (spouse, children) of club members may hunt as defined for each season.

    Bow Season - Any time

    Black powder (Early season) - No guest allowed to hunt

    Black powder (late season) - Opening Saturday and first Monday are closed to guests.

    Gun season - Opening Saturday and first Monday are closed to guests.

  30. Guest Dues

    Bow Season -                  $2.00 per day

    Black powder Season -    $10.00 per day

    Gun Season -                   $10.00 per day

  31. No Smoking inside bunk house

  32. All Target shooting must be directed towards the woods on the back of the property.

  33. Honorary Members are elected by majority vote

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