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300 Weatherby Mag Ballistics


.270 WSM 150 gr. Super-X® Power-Point®

.270 WSM 150 gr. Supreme® Ballistic Silvertip®

.270 WSM 140 gr. Supreme® Fail Safe®

.270 WSM 140 gr. Supreme® AccuBond™ CT®

.270 WSM 130 gr. Supreme® Ballistic Silvertip®


Texas Hold'em Poker



Jerky Marinades and Seasoning Recipes


Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Dad's First Muzzleloader Buck with my Remington Model 700 in 2001

Model 700 Owners Manual


Dad's 2nd buck of the year in 2001, now he is a believer of

mineral licks and supplemental feeding with corn feeders.

The Farm and Shenandoah Mountains in Bergton, VA

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