Maui Hunting (Nov 11, 12 and 13, 2004)

Thanks and tremendous appreciation to Brian Etheredge for a great hunting experience.

    Having meet Brian through the Internet, emails and phone calls, I was not sure of the hunting experience I would encounter on my trip to Maui. Not only did my experience exceed my expectations, I met a quality individual who I can now count as a friend.

    As Owner & award-winning chef, Brian was busy running his top notch restaurant Capische, one of Maui's finest Italian dining experiences.

He graciously took off 3 days from running his restaurant to share with me the fantastic hunting on Maui. We spent 2 great days hunting axis deer, wild goats and wild pigs. Day one we were hunting at Kaupo gap on the South side of Maui and and the Haleakala volcano at about 500 feet. The second day we hunted the Kahikinui Forest Reserve on the South side of Maui and and the Haleakala volcano at about 7,000 feet.

We got an early start with Brian picking me up at the hotel around 4:00 am. Talk about a weird feeling try walking from a Maui beach resort hotel in full camo and gear with a gun case. Fortunately, there were not may beach vacationers running around at that time of the morning, it's a shame they don't know what they are missing! LOL! Anyway, we hit the road.....well not exactly.... a huge cane spider took the most inopportune time to crawl into the cab of Brian's truck. Oh, did I mention that Brian is scared to death of spiders, so here I am tracking a spider so we can go hunting. After spending ten or fifteen minutes trying to track down this spider without any success Brian summoned up to courage to hit the road with the spider hiding somewhere in the Cab. 

Day one - Kaupo Gap - Early Morning

Kaupo Gap



Lush vegatation

Looking south to the ocean

Looking north to Kahikinui

Constant breeze

Rocky lava abounds




Day one - Kaupo Gap - Late morning and mid day

Brian scouting for Axis

Axis down

Brian and Mike's Axis

Mike's first Axis

Goat Down

Mike's first goat

Successful stalk - thanks Brian

Ocean view after a long stalk




Day one - Kaupo Gap - afternoon

Pig under big tree - 400 yards away -right edge of picture

Brian - Axis deer in cooler, 2 pigs and a goat

Kaupo grand slam - Axis deer (cooler), Pig and goat

Sun setting as we dress out the game - Mahalo Brian





Day two - Kahikinui Forest Reserve at 7,000 feet

Arriving at Kahikinui

Brian leading the long hike

Up and down deep gulches

Black goat 200 yards out - speck in center of picture

Long way down

Looking South to the Big Island off in the distance

Lot's of clouds below us

The clouds at 5,000 feet




Day two - Kahikinui Forest Reserve at 7,000 feet

Goats on the other side

Goat down - Brian leading the way across the gulch

Mike with goat and pig

Brian with goat and pig

Long way down

Nice billy goat

Mike with Goat and pig

The long hike back