Anchorage Alaska

Thanks to Larry Rivers web site for the below information

Note:  The Regal is now the "Millennium" and "Gary King" sporting goods is out of business.

Mountain View Sporting Goods:

Located at 3838 Old Seward Highway, across from University Shopping Center.
Telephone (907) 563-8600

Mt. View Sports is dedicated to hunting and fishing. High quality equipment, knowledgeable help, wide selection of hunting clothing, ankle fit hip boots, ammunition and specialty items. THE place to go if you have time for only one stop.

Barney's Sports Chalet:

Located at 906 W. Northern Lights Blvd.
Telephone (907) 561-5242

Barney's is a very specialized hunting shop. They carry many items of customized equipment designed to their specifications. Certainly they offer the best pack frame and harness system available. Also specialized foot gear like plastic boots and glacial socks if your are inclined to wear them. Knowledgeable and with strong opinions on equipment. They may tell you that you don't need hip-boots as they like plastic boots and glacier socks.  Some guides like them as well, though personally I'm old fashioned and like hip boots.  If you want ankle fit boots and they won't sell you any, purchase them at one of the other shops. Mountain view would be a good choice.


Located at 1200 W. Northern Lights Blvd.
Telephone (907) 272-4565

Recreational Equipment Inc. is a general yuppie type of sporting goods shop specializing in all kinds of individual sports for the self powered individual. Fine selection of back packs, pack stoves, tents, footgear, and fun little widgets to make your pack heavy. REI is opposed to hunting, but some specialized equipment is only available here. Store employees are not very knowledgeable, average at best.  Most have opinions but seem to have little experience.